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A bespoke house or cottage portrait, hand painted with a traditional, delicate style for a meaningful, unique feel.


Perfect as a unique keepsake or sentimental gift, your watercolour & ink portrait will be designed, created and  produced on high quality cold pressed paper.


Material: 300gsm Arches 100% pure cotton paper


Sizes available are A4 and A5.

House or Cottage Portrait Commission

  • A5

    This popular size comes with a white textured mount and backing board with protective eco friendly celo bag.

    Please note the overall size with mount fits comfortably in a standard 12” x 10” frame.


    This very adaptable size allows the client to either frame the artwork in an A4 frame or to have a bespoke mount and frame. 

    This size artwork will have a backing board with eco friendly celo bag to protect whilst in transit.

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